This is the main entrypoint of the vice-registry.

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ViCE-Registry: an Image Registry for Virtual Images

  • The ViCE registry is a central image registry
  • The ViCE registry bridges the gaps between
    • organizations
    • execution environments and
    • communities.

ViCE registry supports declarative images (e.g. Packerfiles, Dockerfiles) and implicit images (e.g. virtual machine disk snapshots, docker images).

The current version supports OpenStack Glance and bwLehrpool as execution environments.

A detailed documentation is available here.

How to set up ViCE Registry

The most recent versions of ViCE registry builds automatically and is shipped through Docker Hub.

To set up the ViCE registry, the docker-compose.yml file in this repository can be used to start all the necessary containers via a simple docker-compose up.

Development Details

The ViCE registry consists of several layers: ViCE Registry Architecture

These layers are implemented by components, which are micro services communicating over RabbitMQ as message queue: ViCE Registry Components

Build State for each component:

  • ViCE API Build Status
  • ViCE Worker Build Status
  • ViCE Store Build Status
  • ViCE WebUI Build Status